Why invest in a piece from Brent Artman?

  • Every design will only be made a limited number of times.
  • Piece will come with certificate of authenticity.
  • Made in an art form only a handful of people are practicing. 
  • Due to the art form every piece is unique, no 2 pieces can be exactly the same. 
  • Own a piece of work made by the most well known copper flame colorist.

A note from the artist…


My name is Brent Artman and I am the creator of these fine works of copper art. My artistic journey began in high school mostly as a meditative process. Art was the one thing I could focus on without my mind wandering to other things. One year during a vacation to Las Vegas I came across a spray paint street artist that really inspired me to try something new. I gravitated towards spray paint and airbrush art while still doing pencil drawings. Eventually I would secure a short apprenticeship in an auto body shop, while still in high school, learning collision repair and auto paint. Lessons I did not know then I would be applying later on to my artwork today.

I went to college at Arizona State to study nutrition. Even though I love studying about the body I quickly learned that working with nutrition in that setting was not what I wanted to do with my life. I began working for Costco shortly after high school and continued to work there for 8 years while I “figured my life out”.  Browsing the internet one day I stumbled upon an art form that really caught my attention, “copper flame painting”.

After becoming fascinated with this art form I had never seen before I was lucky enough to find Skip and Racheal Mathews. Skip is a true “OG” of flame painting, having been flame painting for over 40 years. He originally flame painted over 15,000 butterflies to perfect his technique that allows him to get unparalleled detail in his work. Later in life he would reconnect with his wife Racheal, an art teacher by trade, together creating a class teaching flame art. I was lucky enough to take their class in 2018 and learn Skip’s technique to create superiorly detailed works of copper flame art. After a few years of early morning 4am shifts at Costco and making art afterwards I have been able to build myself to a point were I can support myself with my artwork. I quit my job at Costco in July 2021 and became a full time copper flame painter.

I now look to apply Skip’s technique to larger projects than Skip would have dreamed of, specializing in pieces for luxury homes. Due to my need to always try something new I will only be releasing a limited amount of every design I make, some more exclusive than others. I promise my work will forever be evolving and the value of your piece, like the beautiful colors, will stand the test of time.

-Brent Artman