We work hard to provide you the best quality flame artwork. Please let us tell you a little of our story and why we have such passion for copper flame art.

Phoenix Flame Art by Brent Artman

Brent’s love of the arts started to grow slowly from a young age. Phoenix Flame Art is a product of that growing love for all art forms. He was in Las Vegas with his parents when he saw a street artist creating spray paint visuals of moons, stars and landscapes with a blank page and spray cans. From that encounter he went home and created his own “rattle can” paintings with incredible skill and creativity. From there he jumped around to painting, drawing, airbrush, and even a short apprenticeship at an auto body shop. Little did he know all the skills he was acquiring over time would help him with his new medium.
Brent was fortunate to stumble upon the Copper Colorists. Skip and Racheal Mathews had perfected the use of a torch with copper to create amazing designs and colors. Skip had been flame painting copper for over 40 years. He originally “flame painted” 15,000 butterflies to perfect the unique oxidation technique. Racheal, an amazing visual artist herself had been flame painting with Skip for over 18 years. Having an art education background she worked with Skip to document and define a step by step guide to teach the process. Brent is a recipient of their teaching and education. Now having learned the rules of his teachers part of Brent’s process is to break as many of these rules as he can and really expand on this exciting less know art form. He intends to make bold unique designs that catch the eye, hope you enjoy the colorful creations.

Our Company

Brent has used the techniques he learned to construct his own style and creations of “Flame Colored Copper”. We believe you will find them beautiful and truly one of kind. We hope they fill you with the joy and peacefulness that Brent finds in creating them.

Gallery’s Showing Phoenix Flame Art’s Works

Splash of Copper- Globe, Arizona

More coming soon…

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