Burst Plate (Dark Blue)


Phoenix Flame Art Plate Art


This piece is a 16 inch plate custom made from 100% copper. It is colored by torch using unique oxidation techniques. All of the colors and the patterns on the plate are created by heat and shape of the flame from the torch. There are no colored paints or acids on this piece!! The plate is finished with a high quality gloss clear coat to prevent further oxidation. So the beautiful colors on the plate will stand the test of time. This plate looks great hanging on the wall or in a plate stand as well!

**Each piece is made to order, due to the process not one piece can come out exactly alike. Your piece will have very similar colors to the picture but exact colors can not be guaranteed. This also means every piece is its own unique design that you can call your own.**

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 in


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